Four beautiful young women aged between 19 and 23, from different parts of the country, with different backgrounds, different assets, and different talents all share one huge ambition; they all want to become the next It Girls.

It Girls are the top agency girls at Frazier Arts one of the most successful glamour talent agencies in the country. The family-run agency provides the most beautiful, the most provocative, and the most alluring models to the glamour industry. The Frazier family, led by artist and photographer, Mark Frazier, were the originators of body painting to the Playboy Empire twenty years ago – and have been providing spectacular models ever since. As well as wow the crowd they’ve also discovered many future glamor stars, like Kendra, to the world. These aren’t the skinny, six-foot models found on the fashion catwalks. These are the girls that every guy wants to live next door to – and every girl wishes she were her.

It Girls model anything and everything from bikinis to lingerie and from jewelry to just bare flesh. Whatever they wear, or don’t wear, turns heads wherever they go. These girls are the ultimate centers of attention. And that’s what the It Girls crave, to continue to be the center of attention.

Over the course of a year the agency provides hundreds of gorgeous models for commercials, promos, magazine covers, and as the star attractions at exclusive parties – wearing nothing but a layer of beautifully hand-painted lingerie. Each year the family agency picks out their special talent – a handful of girls that stand above all the others for their beauty, their character, and their charm. These are the inner circle, the It Girls.

As long as they remain an agency It Girl they get every luxury adorned on them, the best costumes, the best hairdressers and make-up artists, the finest clothes, the most attention and of course the most money. But even in this small clique of five or six girls there’s usually one who shines brightest of all. This is the family’s ultimate pedigree, the one who has everything – and who will make them the most money.

This year, like last, the It Girls are battling it out for the number one spot. Chloe, tall, outspoken and ready to do whatever she needs to get rid of the competition. Laci Kay, beautiful but street wise, she’ll not get pushed aside by anyone. Jessie, the Italian firecracker, with a personality and temper to match.  Kristen the beautiful small town girl with big ambitions. And Amber, the girl who was the IT GIRL but threw everything away for a guy, now she’s back and desperate to fight her way to the top again.  And.

While they are working for the agency the girls live in a large house in the Hollywood Hills run by former It Girl Molly. She tries to keep the girls on a strict regiment of physical training, proper food and good rest as well as organizing many different classes and programs to improve their skills in dancing, movement, style, conversation and even how to drive expensive Italian cars for when their date has had too much to drink. But Molly has her work cut out if her rules are to be obeyed – because one thing is quickly apparent – girls will be girls.

On the face of it these It Girls are friends, sisters-in-arms. But don’t be deceived. As the series digs just below the glossy surface there’s a mini-war taking place, with each of these beauties vying for position, in a no holds barred contest. Being second best is simply not an option for any of them.

Join us on this glamorous odyssey as we enter inside a world only glimpsed before. An exclusive world of luxury lifestyle, fast cars, and more claw marks than a lion’s den.