Philip Day is an Emmy and Peabody award-winning show runner, with skills in all aspects of production, including writing, directing, shooting and editing. His clients include NBC, BBC, ITV, PBS, History, National Geographic, Discovery, Discovery ID, Science, Travel Channel, Smithsonian, Channel Four (UK), and Channel Five (UK). He has been rewarded with multiple awards, including a Peabody Award, two Emmys, seven Emmy nominations, and eighteen Telly Awards.

Philip has produced several movies, and been showrunner on multiple TV series, making nearly two hundred hours of prime-time television. His series Alaska: The Last Frontier was nominated twice for an Emmy. He was showrunner on ID’s hit crime series Blood Relatives, Smithsonian’s Polar Bear Town, and Science Channel’s pop-psychology series, Outrageous Acts Of Psych. Recently, he produced and directed History’s successful docu-series Navy Seals: America’s Secret Warriors, ID’s new hit Love Kills, and Nat Geo’s Inside North Korea: Then & Now with Lisa Ling.

This is what captains of industry say about him:

“There are few showrunners in the world that can produce from blank page to finished show as well as Philip Day.  On budget, on schedule and with every dollar on the screen.”

Jonathan Halperin, Senior EP,  National Geographic Television

“Philip Day and his creative team know what they want and how to get it.”

Howard Swartz, Vice President, Development and Production, Discovery Channel

“Philip is my go-to producer, he always deliver on time and on budget, and the content always far exceeds my expectations.”

Juliet Blake, TED TV & SVP National Geographic Channel

“Phil Day has an attention to detail that is often missing in these budget-strapped days.”

Richard Sattin, Executive Producer, Sky Vision

“Philip Day is a top-flight director I would never hesitate to work with and recommend to others.”

Rod Caird, Senior Consultant, A&E Channel


  • The Russian Bride – feauture film(post) –  Stars Corbin Bernson & Kristina Pimenova Producer  – 2017
  • Amityville Terrorfeature film – Uncorke’d Entertainment 2016 (Thriller Films) Producer  – 2016
  • Euro Club feature film – Uncorke’d Entertainment 2016 (Thriller Films) Producer  – 2016