Michael and Josi, from Clarksville, Tennessee, ended up in the ER after she suffered serious burns to her chest during the kinky game.

A couple looking to get some kicks in the bedroom ended their romantic evening in the emergency room after a kinky game went drastically wrong.

Michael and Josi, from Clarksville, Tennessee, decided to spice things up by melting a 5lb gummy bear on each others’ bodies.

However the searingly hot, sugary liquid left Josi with third-degree burns on her chest and in agonizing pain.

The couple, who didn’t share their last names, decided to reveal their embarrassing tale on TLC series Sex Sent Me To The Er, which airs on Saturday night.

The situation was made even more excruciating by the fact that Josi decided to call her mother for advice.

For Michael, who had yet to meet her mother back in 2011, it was a particularly shameful moment.

Michael told TLC: ‘When you’re in that moment, you don’t think.’

However the couple claim that they are not so embarrassed by the gummy bear fiasco that they would miss out sharing the experience with the viewing public – or local news site, Tennessean.com.

And all their friends and family know anyway, they added.

Despite the failed attempt at romance, the couple remain together three years later and are engaged.

For more woeful sexual mishaps, Sex Sent Me To The ER is on Saturday nights on the TLC network.

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