Discovery Channel will air, Volcano Time Bombs, on their Curiosity series Dec..9

On Sunday at 9 P.M. Discovery Channel will air “Volcano Time Bombs” on their Curiosity series, which will take viewers into the heart of a volcano in an effort to uncover how they actually work. The episode will also focus on the latest research in volcano eruptions and why they are so difficult to understand.

Phil Zimmerman’s media alert stressed how powerful volcanoes are and the massive destruction they cause to millions of people who live within their shadow. It also touched upon the recent eruption of lava from Kilauea on Hawaii’ Big Island, which is still flowing into the nearby ocean; and the eruption of Mount St Helen in Washington State in 1980, when it’s powerful forces obliterated everything in it’s path.

These are the volcanoes we know of, but according to the ‘Media release’ there are super volcanoes, presently unknown, that are a thousand times more powerful and have the potential to bury most of western North America, dim the sun, and plunge the world into a volcanic winter.

Volcano Time Bomb, which airs this Sunday at 9 p.m. was produced by NHNZ for the Discovery Channel. It looks at how the experts are monitoring these powerful forces and Earth’s natural reaction in the hopes of being able to predict the next big eruption. CURIOSITY is overseen by Howard Swartz, Vice-President and Simon Andrea Senior Vice-President, of Development and Production For users of Facebook visit and Twitter followers can access it at

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