Amy Day is a multiple award-winning Producer/Writer.  She has made over 350 films in a variety of formats, from documentaries and commercials to vision videos for major Fortune 500 companies.

She was Vice-President, Creative Services at the X PRIZE Foundation, in charge of all event, video and web production.  During her tenure, she produced the $30M Google Lunar X PRIZE launch with the founders of Google, the $10M Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE with Mayor Bloomberg and its awards events that included a congressional briefing on Capitol Hill and a viewing with Secretary Chu at the Department of Energy.

She was also Executive Producer and co-founder of The Edge Picture Company in London, England, the UK’s leading corporate communications Production Company.

Amy prizes educating America in a fun way, wants to use her skills to help innovators succeed, walks a mile a day and is learning to play the harmonica (badly).

Interesting Fact: Some of her most successful work is still housed at the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Tate Modern in London.