In 2008 Aaron began contributing to Edge West’s films as a freelance writer.  Joining Edge West full time in 2009, Aaron co-wrote with Philip Day the National Geographic Special “Nasca Lines: The Buried Secrets,” and has continued shaping up Edge West’s scripts, including writing an upcoming episode of National Geographic’s Undercover History series.

Aaron grew up around film crews in the Washington D.C. area but didn’t think he’d work in the business. He earned a graduate degree in fiction writing from the University of Virginia in 1995 and moved to Chicago, where he taught literature at Columbia College and published his first novel, Bloodroot (Thomas Dunne Books, 2001). Later Aaron returned to D.C. and went to work for National Geographic Television in their research/standards and practices department.

Interesting Fact: Aaron lets his parakeets fly out of their cage while he’s writing to inspire colorful and dramatic television.