Perhaps every couple has their story of a sweet romantic gesture gone horribly wrong.

But then there’s Michael and Josi of Clarksville, Tenn., whose attempt to use candy to make things hotter in the boudoir got a little too hot. So much so that Josi landed in a local emergency room with third-degree burns — and then landed a spot on Saturday’s midseason premiere of TLC’s “Sex Sent Me to the ER.”

Turns out their idea to drizzle each other with melted cherry Gummy Bear was pretty dumb. And the decision to call Josi’s mother for help first? Awkward.

That was 2011. Josi was watching the TLC show herself years later and decided to send in the story. If other people are brave enough to share, she said in an interview today, she should be too.

Plus, Michael said, their story was more funny than some of the situations portrayed on the show.

“When you’re in that moment, you don’t think,” he said. A 5-pound cherry Gummy Bear was there, they were there …

Their last names aren’t on the show, and a “Sex Sent Me” representative refused to let them reveal those, but Michael and Josi admit that in a town the size of Clarksville, it’s unlikely they’ll slip under the radar once they appear on TV. Plus, all their friends know about the Gummy Bear incident anyway, and the couple aren’t embarrassed.

They plan on having a huge party at their house when the show airs at 8 p.m. Saturday. “Sex Sent Me” is not for the kiddos — in case the show’s title isn’t enough, there’s a warning before each segment.

Together for three years, Michael and Josi are engaged. And they still like to keep things interesting.

“But we stay away from hot things,” Josi clarified.

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