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Below is the introduction to the interview:

Here’s a dirty little secret of journalism: writers probably only spend about 10% of their day writing. The other 90% of the day is dedicated to reading E-mail from publicists and snickering at many of the massive number of press releases that cross our computer screens. Seriously, you wouldn’t believe some of the stuff we’re pitched. Once in awhile, though, something turns up that makes us say, “This is the most awesome thing I’ve ever read, and I absolutely must cover it!”

And if you’re wondering, yes, that does kind of sum up my reaction to the news that Henry Rollins would be participating in an episode of National Geographic Explorer about the so-called “warrior gene.”

As soon as I received the press release about the program, I immediately dropped a line to the publicist to say, “If Henry’s doing phoners, I want in.” Just to cover my bases, though, I also dropped a line to Rollins himself, who promptly wrote back and, although he didn’t yet know what his schedule might be able to accommodate, was still kind enough to add, “If it’d help, I’ll be glad to answer a few questions for you by E-mail.” Before I could write back, however, I received an E-mail back from the publicist, letting me know that they’d just determined that they’d be able to get Rollins on the phone with me before the end of the week.