March 10, 2010

Edge West today announced two new deals with long-time collaborator National Geographic Television. One of the projects will be made as part of the National Geographic Explorer series special, slated to air later this year. The film is a modern, breaking science story, dealing with man’s violent tendencies. The second film will be included in the long-running Undercover History series on Nat Geo.

The two yet-to-be-titled specials continue a long and successful relationship between Edge West and National Geographic Television. Since it was founded in 2006, the company has produced seven shows for NGT, all of them directed and written by Philip J. Day. The company’s most recent production with NGT, Nasca Lines: The Buried Secrets, premiered in February of this year with excellent ratings.

In addition to work wholly produced in-house, Edge West has also been involved in larger, collaborative productions with National Geographic Television, such as the recently released anniversary special, Explorer: 25 Years.

“Having worked on numerous shows with National Geographic over the years, I’m looking forward to continuing our productive relationship with them,” commented Edge West founder Philip Day. “Working with Nat Geo has always been creatively fulfilling and we hope to continue that tradition in our collaborations with these new projects.”

Edge West has made its name as a production company whose documentaries take new and extensively researched looks at history, both recent and ancient. The company’s stylistic trademark, one that has won them numerous awards and accolades, is producing large-scale dramatic reenactments. The production company will certainly bring this distinctive style of filmmaking to these upcoming projects.