Dylan Marer is one of Hollywood’s leading party planners, creating huge over-the-top events for many A-List stars but now he’s tackling something even bigger; Las Vegas. Dylan has been asked to put on the biggest party event of the year at the Palms Casino, with 3500 demanding guests. He faces a massive challenge to make this happen with the money he has to spend and the time he has to create such a unique party space. Like every great event it starts with the theme. Get that wrong and Dylan’s reputation will be in shreds.

Dylan draws his inspiration for the huge event from Ancient Rome. The party is called a Mid Summer Night’s Dream and is an homage to the decadent past – Dylan wants to entice his modern audience “to party like emperors.” So, he draws from many of the outrageous emperors of the past like Nero and Caligula – but his favorite is an out of control teenager called Elagabalus who is described by Roman expert Julie Langford as ‘the greatest partier the world has ever seen.’

The strange juvenile Emperor is said to have fed his party guests ostrich brains and insects. Set tigers on his drunken friends, married a sacred nun, and rode around his palace in a chariot pulled by naked virgins. He also enjoyed orgies, the company of prostitutes and sought out men with the largest organs in Rome.

For Dylan Marer to make his modern day male party guests feel like their every desire is a snap of the fingers away, he has created a guest list with almost two women for every man. “We want extravagance, plenty of alcohol, plenty of beautiful women, plenty of everything.” But this event will be no walk in the park for Dylan.

His first big challenge is to tie the architecture together. The party will take place around two outside swimming pools but a huge VIP lounge breaks up the entire area. “We always try to create a party that feels connected.” So one of Dylan’s first big decisions is how to bring the design together so that it looks like one great party space.

Lighting, design, and plenty of fog-effect smoke will help to create the atmosphere he’s looking for. But the main thing that Dylan will rely on is to mesmerize his male guests with what he calls ‘living art’ – beautiful girls whose naked bodies are painted to look like bikini’s.

Being that this event is taking place in Sin City one imagines this won’t be a problem. But there are some strange by-laws in Nevada and one of them will have a big impact on Dylan’s plans. If he doesn’t find a solution in time the authorities might close his whole party down.