Edge West is thrilled to announce that two of its documentary films, Born to Rage and Vanished From Alcatraz, which aired on National Geographic Channel, are being considered for seven Primetime Emmy Awards.

Born To Rage, hosted by Henry Rollins, investigates the controversial question of whether some people are predisposed to violence because of a DNA glitch dubbed the Warrior Gene.  This thought-provoking film attracted much attention when it was released. Dr. Phil did an entire hour based around our show.

Vanished From Alcatraz is a brand new investigation of America’s most famous prison escape. After forty years of uncertainty, we finally answer the biggest question of all – did the three inmates survive their daring escape attempt from Alcatraz Island? The show unveils brand new evidence that clearly indicates the daring trio got off Alcatraz and escaped to freedom.

TELEVISION ACADEMY MEMBERS:  Here are the links to extended clips from the two films.  Please check them out and give us your vote. We appreciate all your support.

Born To Rage?FYC

Vanished From Alcatraz – FYC

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The films are entered for Primetime Emmy Awards in the following seven categories.

Born To Rage?

  • Category 76: Outstanding Nonfiction Special
  • Category 99: Outstanding Writing For Nonfiction Programming

Vanished From Alcatraz

  • Category 27: Outstanding Directing For Nonfiction Programming
  • Category 33: Outstanding Picture Editing For Nonfiction Programming
  • Category 88: Outstanding Sound Mixing For Nonfiction Programming
  • Category 99: Outstanding Writing For Nonfiction Programming
  • Category 106: Outstanding Cinematography For Nonfiction Programming

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