Philip J. Day

Showrunner & Creative Executive Producer, Philip J. Day, has been internationally recognized since his first film won Best Documentary at the San Francisco International Film Festival.  Since then he has produced  some 200 hours of television, winning multiple awards along the way, including two Emmys, ten Emmy nominations, eighteen New York Telly Awards and the much-coveted Peabody Award.

Philip has produced for many networks including Discovery Channel, BBC, History Channel, National Geographic, Channel Four (UK), PBS, Science, TLC, ZDF, Canal Plus, & MTV. In the last few years he has turned his attentions to long form series like Discovery Channel’s hit, Alaska: The Last Frontier, which was twice Emmy nominated during his term there. His current series, the hugely popular comedy/reality show Sex Sent Me to the ER has remained in the top five of Saturday night ratings since April 2014 when it was launched.

Philip started his career in London with the BBC and Channel Four (UK), where he produced many primetime documentaries and docu-series. Several years ago he moved to Los Angeles, where he has produced multiple specials and mini-series for US broadcasters like National Geographic, PBS, TLC, Discovery Channel, Science Channel and TED TV.  His US shows have received major industry awards, including an Emmy nomination for  ‘The Skyjacker That Got Away’ and ten Telly Awards.  Philip’s recent production ‘Party Like’ for Nat Geo, was a ground-breaking mini-series about the greatest celebrations in history and won plaudits and audiences round the world.

This is what captains of industry say about him:

“There are few showrunners in the world that can produce from blank page to finished show as well as Philip Day.  On budget, on schedule and with every dollar on the screen.” 
-Jonathan Halperin, Senior EP,  National Geographic Television

“Philip Day and his creative team know what they want and how to get it.”
-Howard Swartz, Vice President, Development and Production, Discovery Channel

“Philip is my go-to producer, he always deliver on time and on budget, and the content always far exceeds my expectations.” 
-Juliet Blake, TED TV & SVP National Geographic Channel

“Phil Day has an attention to detail that is often missing in these budget-strapped days.” 
-Richard Sattin, Executive Producer, Sky Vision

“Philip Day is a top-flight director I would never hesitate to work with and recommend to others.”  
-Rod Caird, Senior Consultant, A&E Channel

Credits as Showrunner