Edge West Productions, is a Los Angeles based production company, specializing in non-scripted television. Led by multi-award winning British producer, Philip J. Day, Edge West has built a strong reputation for fresh, groundbreaking television with cinematic visuals.

Since it was formed five years ago the company has been growing rapidly, producing some twenty top quality hour documentaries, all of which have claimed both critical and commercial success.

Edge West has been rewarded with multiple awards including an Emmy nomination last year for the highly successful The Skyjacker That Got Away. The dramatic retelling of infamous skyjacker DB Cooper was the highest rated film of National Geographic’s popular five-season series Undercover History. Edge West’s special investigation of the Japanese mafia Crime Lords Of Tokyo is being hailed as one of the investigative documentaries of 2011.

Edge West’s unique and daring mini-series Party Like aired on National Geographic in February 2012. It tells the stories of some of the greatest parties ever held, past and present, and the consequences of putting on such extravagant decadence. Part history, part reality, this original series offers the viewer an extraordinary fresh perspective on human’s natural urge to celebrate.

Edge West’s remit is simple – to redefine the rules, to push the envelope and to make television that makes a difference. The company is currently in pre-production and development on an impressive slate of original series, one-off specials and scripted drama.